The Texas Real Estate License Act requires that you be advised that there are agency relationships that govern how a real estate salesperson may deal with you when purchasing, selling or leasing real property. Before you enter into a substantive discussion with Cherokee Real Estate Company, Inc., or any other brokerage, be sure you have an agreement with the broker as to what your relationship with him will be and even how it may change from time to time. You should not disclose any personal information or disposition to a broker until you have established your relationship with him. The broker will be happy to discuss and explain agency relationships with you.

Rental Property


Before reviewing our rental property offerings please note the following:

  1. Cherokee Real Estate does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, handicap, familial status or national origin and adheres to the letter and spirit of the Federal Fair Housing Act.
  2. We also comply with the Texas Property Code as it relates to providing keyless locking and other security devices.
  3.  All of our properties provide a no smoking, no pets (except for assisted living animals) environment for the benefit of all tenants.
  4. Cherokee Real Estate reserves the right to restrict the number of occupants of a rental unit if it is in the best interests of the rental unit.
  5. All tenants execute a written lease for a term of no less than six months and no greater than 12 months. All leases comply with the law and are designed to protect the interests of the tenant, the owner and the manager of the rental unit.
  6. Leases are strictly enforced.
  7. Rental applicants are required to fill out a lease application at no charge to the applicant. Click here to download a lease application.
  8. Some of the selection criteria we use when considering you as a prospective tenant and some of the reasons why we may deny your application: 
    • If you smoke
    • If you have pets other than assisted living animals
    • The adequacy of your income as it relates to your rent, utilities you have to pay and other recurring obligations you may have
    • If the property you are interested in is adequate for the number of expected occupants
    • If you are not in immediate possession of all the funds required to commence a lease
    • If your application fails to provide all the information requested If you have an unstable job history
    • If you have an unsatisfactory criminal record If, upon verification of the information provided on the application, unacceptable discrepancies are revealed
    • If previous property managers/owners do not provide acceptable references
    • If you have been untruthful in filling out your application
  9. Cherokee Real Estate maintains its units in a proper state of repair and expects the cooperation of the tenants in doing so.

We look forward to being of service to you!

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