The Texas Real Estate License Act requires that you be advised that there are agency relationships that govern how a real estate salesperson may deal with you when purchasing, selling or leasing real property. Before you enter into a substantive discussion with Cherokee Real Estate Company, Inc., or any other brokerage, be sure you have an agreement with the broker as to what your relationship with him will be and even how it may change from time to time. You should not disclose any personal information or disposition to a broker until you have established your relationship with him. The broker will be happy to discuss and explain agency relationships with you.

A Career In Real Estate

Have you ever given thought to selling real estate? Real estate sales can be a rewarding career both financially and psychologically. Selling real estate in a rural setting is significantly different from working the trade in a large metropolitan setting. In Cherokee County we don't specialize; we sell homes in town, rural homes, ranches, acreage, such as farm and timberland, and investment and commercial properties. We usually manage to get most of the weekend off, with occasional exceptions to that fact. If you think you might be good at selling real estate, take stock of your personal habits and ask yourself if you possess the following traits:

NOTE: Some of the above skills are not optional.

If you are confident that you possess enough of the traits necessary to take a run at selling real estate, consider these realities of the business:

If you are not intimidated by what it will take to sell real estate and you feel up to the challenge, we want to talk with you. At Cherokee Real Estate you will be provided the mentoring and supervision necessary to help you become a success. The rest is up to you. For an interview or just to visit, call Mike McEwen at 903-589-1180 or 903-721-2596 or e-mail him at