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More About Septic Systems(Yuch!)

The other day we spoke about conventional septic systems.  Today I will address aerobic septic systems.  The term aerobic refers to the use of oxygen.  Aerobic systems use oxygen to speed up the decomposition of effluents.  This technique removes the necessity to have field lines through which the effluents typically flow as they decompose.  Because of the state regulations that I cited in the prior review, (Go to:, it is often difficult to put in a conventional system because of the amount of land and/or the kind of soil.  The downside of aerobic systems is that they typically have a pump that runs constantly.  The pump is used to spray out the water that circulates through the system and which is usually dissipated using sprinkler heads.  The pump, of course, implies maintenance and the use of electricity.  If you get to the point where you need to install a new septic system, talk to several providers to see if any of them will be able to install a conventional system.  Remember that, if you hire someone to install a septic system, he has to be licensed.  You may install one yourself, according to state guidelines, but you may not pay anyone to help you.  Before you have a system installed you must have a permit issued by the county to do the installation.  If you call the county it can put you in contact with the individual responsible for permitting.  You must also have a license to operate the system.  A well built septic system will function virtually indefinitely.  Occasionally tanks will need pumping; I have one that, in 20 years, has never had to be pumped.  The right person installed it