Have you ever given thought to selling real estate? Real estate sales can be a rewarding career both financially and psychologically. Selling real estate in a rural setting is significantly different from working the trade in a large metropolitan setting. In Cherokee County we don't specialize; we sell homes in town, rural homes, ranches, acreage, such as farm and timberland, and investment and commercial properties. We usually manage to get most of the weekend off, with occasional exceptions to that fact. If you think you might be good at selling real estate, take stock of your personal habits and ask yourself if you possess the following traits:

  • ability to deal with many kinds of people
  • good organizational skills
  • natural motivation to help people
  • detail oriented
  • ability to work an unstructured schedule
  • good time management
  • good follow-up techniques
  • ability and desire to abide by and actively support fair housing laws
  • willingness to learn the trade from the standpoint of real estate marketing and the laws that govern the conduct of real estate licensees
  • possession of an impeccable professional ethic and the willingness to place the needs of your clients above your own and to treat your customers fairly
  • have a hunger for knowledge of every aspect of the trade

NOTE: Some of the above skills are not optional.

If you are confident that you possess enough of the traits necessary to take a run at selling real estate, consider these realities of the business:

  • There is potential for better than average income earnings.
  • You have a high degree of control of your own destiny.
  • You will have frequent disappointments and some occasional great moments.
  • There will be occasions that will be extremely gratifying both financially - and psychologically.
  • The path to a steady and greater income in the real estate business is a long and slow one. It can take months to years.
  • The minimum skills necessary to pass the real estate exam do not come remotely close to preparing you for the first day on the job. It will take years obtain a competent grasp of the ins and outs of the job. A good mentor is a must.
  • The income that most licensees earn in rural areas is supplemental to other existing income. Only licensees who dedicate 100% of their efforts to the trade and who possess the above-mentioned skills will make a "living" at real estate sales. Many licensees are retired or have another job and work their real estate activities around it.
  • Without a college degree already under your belt the course requirements for a real estate license could be overwhelming.
  • In a small town you will quickly develop a reputation..................good or bad!

If you are not intimidated by what it will take to sell real estate and you feel up to the challenge, we want to talk with you. At Cherokee Real Estate you will be provided the mentoring and supervision necessary to help you become a success. The rest is up to you. For an interview or just to visit, call Mike McEwen at 903-589-1180 or e-mail him at mcewen@cherokeerealestate.com.